Available Sites & Buildings

Please contact the Planning & Economic Development Department to discuss available properties in Lemont. We would be happy to assist you in locating land or buildings that suit your company's needs. In addition to working with you to identify properties, our office can also provide market opportunity reports for a particular site.

Mixed Use Properties for Lease

400 Main St - Budnik Building (Downtown/TOD)
110-116 Main St (Downtown/TOD)

Retail Properties for Lease

Lemont Plaza - 1100 State St
Centennial Plaza - SWC 127th & State
1215-1217 State - 3408 SF outlot
Long Run Plaza - NWC Archer and State - 2482 and 2493 SF inline outlot
12371 Derby - 1222 SF endcap 1669 SF inline

Retail Properties for Sale

1150 State St - 3960 SF with Drive-Thru
SEC Archer and State - 12 ac For Sale
207 Stephen St (Downtown/TOD)
110-116 Main St (Downtown/TOD)

Office Properties for Sale

15353 W 127th St, For Sale & Lease

Office Properties for Lease

15353 W 127th St - 915 SF

The information above has been provided by private real estate brokers. The Village of Lemont does not guarantee the accuracy of the above information. Please verify any zoning with the Lemont Planning & Economic Development Department.