Tip of the Month - December 2016

December is Drunk and Drugged Prevention Month.   We want to encourage residents to celebrate responsibility during the Holidays, and to please use vehicle restraint devices while traveling

If you haven’t completed all of your shopping for your driving age children, a great and practical gift idea would be a hands-free Bluetooth device for his or her car.  Many of the newer devices even integrate with messaging and read text messages aloud.

 During this season many of communities in our area become targets of traveling car burglary crews that prey on communities along the expressways.  My folks will be vigilant on these crews, but we’re asking for your help by just locking your vehicles in driveways and parking lots.  These are crimes of opportunity and thieves go up and down a parking lot or block and check for unlocked doors, stealing what they can quickly grab.  Very few cars are broken into.  

 When attending Religious Services during the Holidays, please place all gifts in the trunk.