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Posted on: August 7, 2018

Notice to Residents: Door-to-Door Solicitation in the Village of Lemont

Under no circumstances will anyone employed with or representing the Village of Lemont solicit at or call the home of a resident to persuade you to switch to another utility company or to purchase any products.

There has been soliciting occurring in the Village of Lemont from companies that provide natural gas and electricity supply. Frequently, these solicitors misrepresent the company as being one the Village of Lemont has selected as the supplier for our residents.  It is typical for these solicitors to ask to see your gas or electric bill and then you that they have lower rates.  It is not necessary for you to show anyone your utility bills. Use your best judgement and take the information the solicitor provides you and make that determination after you have reviewed your choices.

The Village of Lemont is not in any contract with a natural gas provider, but, through deregulation, residents can choose another natural gas provider.

The Village of Lemont is currently in a contract with Dynegy Energy for our electricity supply, and our contract expires in October of this year.  Through the Will County Governmental League, the bidding process to select a new supplier has been completed, and residents will receive information by mail from the new supplier the Village of Lemont has selected.  You can then decide whether or not you want to go with the supplier the Village has selected by following the provided instructions in the letter.  No one from the newly selected company will come to your door or call you.  Detailed information will also be announced through our communication channels.  This includes our electronic notification, "Stay Informed," our "News Flash" section on our website's home page, Facebook, Twitter and news media notifications.


Door-to-door solicitors are required at all times while doing business in the Village to keep in his or her possession the Village issued solicitor's license.  Upon the request of a resident, the license must be shown as evidence that he or she has complied with all of the requirements to obtain the license.

It is the sole discretion of the occupant to make the determination of whether solicitors are allowed to solicit at their residence.  Residents not wanting solicitors to come to their door need only to exhibit a "NO SOLICITORS INVITED" sign displayed where it can be seen by solicitors.

The application process for door-to-door solicitation is a very thorough process overseen by the Lemont Police Department, and it is made very clear to those soliciting that each person doing the soliciting must carry the approved solicitor's license.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable during your conversation with a solicitor, or if they fail to produce a solicitor's license when asked, please contact the Police Department's non-emergency number at 630-257-2226.

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