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Important Downtown Road Closure
Information for Race Day

Full Details | Downtown Info:

Quarryman Challenge 10 Mile & 5K Run May 12, 2018


Community Alert:
We would like to share some information regarding the Quarryman Challenge Event. If your home is on, or near, the race course and we wanted to alert you to traffic plans, and any temporary road closures or detour.

Event Date & Time Information
On Saturday, May 12, 2018, the Quarryman Challenge 10 Mile and 5K running race will be held for its 13th year in downtown Lemont. The event will be conducted from approximately 6:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. The race starts at 7:30 AM at Village Hall in downtown Lemont on Main Street.

The course starts and finishes at Village Hall in Downtown Lemont. The course winds through the residential areas on the west and east sides of town. Residents should expect short term delays and road closures as the runners go through the course. The section of the course on the west side of Lemont Road should be clear by 9:00 AM. The sections on the east side of Lemont Road should be clear by 10:00 AM. Please use caution and expect some delays if driving on the streets during the race.

Course Map is found here:
Specifically, the course goes through the following streets:

Main Street (Downtown Lemont) from 6:00 AM - ~ 10:00 AM.

West Side of Lemont Road:
Lockport St.
Peiffer Ave.

East Side of Lemont Road:
Lemont St. (Residential, Not Lemont Rd)
Keepataw Dr.
McCarthy St.

The course will cross McCarthy Road at Julia, go past Lemont High School along Julia, cross Illinois at Julia and crosses Illinois at Lemont St. The downtown area of Lemont will have various closures and detours.


We are sure most of you are aware that the current weather forecast for race day includes various predictions. Some of the forecasts would have no impact on the race, others are forecasting rain, thunderstorms and lightning before, during or sometime after the race. The most recent forecasts look better.
We cannot control the weather, but we have various options and plans to address safety and proceeding with the event. We feel it is important to keep our runners and our residents informed of the plans and options. Please see below for our plans and options.

Option 1 - The race will proceed on time as planned if there is no severe weather, thunderstorms or lighting present or imminent. Cold, light / moderate rain, wind, etc. do not impact the start of the race.

Option 2 - If there is threatening weather present or imminent, such as t-storms, lightning, or very heavy rain, etc., as we are nearing the race start time, we will delay the start of the event in hopes of the weather passing through. We can delay for about 20 - 30 minutes without impacting the race, pending LEMA approval. Longer delays will require us to make adjustments.

If we are delayed by more than 20 - 30 minutes, we will adjust and possibly modify the event, with the primary option switching all runners into the 5K and start it later, pending the weather. We can start the 5K up to 9:00 AM.

Any delays beyond 9:00 AM limit our options because of various factors. We will do everything we can to ensure the event proceeds, even if it is a modified event, as long as we can do it safely and within the permitted time limits and available volunteer / LEMA / Police resources.

Prior to the race, if threatening weather arrives, we will advise runners to go inside at Village Hall, or return to their cars or the Front Street Lofts parking garage to wait out the weather and for announcements.

Let's hope for good weather, but if the weather throws us an additional challenge, we are prepared to deal with it as best we can.

Thank you.

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