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February 2020

Burglary to Motor Vehicle Crews

Law enforcement agencies throughout the suburbs have been battling a rapidly increasing number of burglary to motor vehicle and vehicle theft calls that reaches into the hundreds.  While we’re doing our best, it’s our residents who hold the most single-most effective car burglary deterrent in their hands… their key fobs.

The Village of Lemont has taken reports on 4 burglary to open vehicles since January 1.  Every community along the Interstate system in the Chicago suburban area is recently experiencing a marked increase in these types of crime.   Surrounding communities have been victimized much more extensively than our area, but in Lemont we still want to remain vigilant.

The crimes are being perpetuated by mobile gang members form Chicago and the South suburbs.  Originally comprised of juvenile gang members, we are recently seeing more adult members involved with the crews.  Many house surveillance cameras in the suburban area have recorded video of the gang members being armed.

Gang members target vehicles that are unlocked, and thieves grab what is accessible.   The crews sneak into subdivisions in the late night and early morning hours, lifting door handles of every car they can find. In many cases, if the car is locked, they move on.

Additionally, they only utilize stolen vehicles to travel from location to location and will commit crimes in several suburbs throughout the night.  They occasionally steal vehicles if they find keys inside the vehicle and utilize those stolen vehicles for their raids on the days immediately following the theft.  They will also open the garage door with openers found in the vehicles and steal cars in the garage if the keys are inside. 

We have disseminated information on our Lock-It-or-Lose-It campaign several times in the last year.  We are encouraged that residents are taking our advice to lock their cars and houses, and not to leave their cars keys inside the vehicles.  That has undoubtedly prevented many of the burglaries from being successful.

During the last two months, the Lemont Police Department has increased their presence in the subdivisions bordering I-355, but we are asking residents to assist us in protecting your possessions.  Other anti-crime measures have also been in place.  We have interrupted a couple of the crews coming into Lemont during the past few weeks and have prevented additional crimes from occurring here.  Unfortunately, the offenders know our units are unable to pursue them for property crimes and just flee back onto the highway.

  1. Marc Maton

    Chief of Police
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