Seniors and Law Enforcement Together
S.A.L.T. is a cooperative effort of the Lemont Police Department, Village of Lemont, Lemont Park District, Lemont Township, Cook County Sheriff and others in the community, along with the 55+ age group of Lemont. S.A.L.T.’s main function is to act as an advisory group for the area’s law enforcement personnel. The focus is on crime and security issues as related to the older individual. The council discusses problems and programs and recommends those which will benefit seniors and others in the community.

What is S.A.L.T.’s Purpose?
  • To decrease crime and the “fear” of crime in order to raise the quality of life for our seniors.
  • To increase and improve Senior crime prevention and education.
  • To improve local law enforcement’s knowledge of the crime prevention needs of seniors.
  • To identify the concerns of local senior citizens.
  • To improve senior victim assistance.
  • To involve senior citizens in crime prevention and the educational efforts of S.A.L.T. and to raise awareness of the community of these special issues.
S.A.L.T. Council activities include the following:
  • Monthly programs on various safety and health issues seniors and Police have identified, i.e. telemarketing scams, identity theft, check fraud, personal and property security, etc.
  • Help develop training for officers on sensitivity issues with Alzheimer's patients encountered on the streets as lost or missing.
  • Creating, publishing and distributing brochures on Elder Abuse, which will raise awareness of issues, and provide local support.
  • Join in Neighborhood Watch programs to address the specific concerns of seniors and their neighbors.
  • Help with the Initial Response Program, medical alert bracelet for seniors so first responders know medical history, medications and emergency contact information about them in case of emergency.
  • In town emergency telephone calling tree.
  • Help with the Meals On Wheels Program.
How does S.A.L.T. work?
The S.A.L.T. Council is a group made up of representatives from the Lemont Police Department, Lemont Park District, Lemont Township, PLOWS, Lions Club, other organizations, and local Citizens 55+. Any interested citizen may attend the monthly meetings and become a member. Each council pursues issues and activities appropriate for the particular community and the needs of the 55+ community. Members become more informed about the criminal justice system; become an informed support/public relations group for law enforcement; provide an ongoing channel for information exchange between the community’s seniors and law enforcement.

How do I join S.A.L.T.?
It is easy!! All you have to do is contact the Lemont Police Department at (630) 257-2229, ext. 2478, Officer Ralph Menzione or by email. Meeting times and locations may change, so please call for dates and times.