Ordinances, Plans & Maps

Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) contains the zoning and subdivision regulations for all property within the Village of Lemont. The UDO also contains the engineering specifications for public improvements.


Lemont 2030 Comprehensive Plan

The Lemont Comprehensive Plan is the master plan for the future growth and development of the Village of Lemont. Adopted in 2014, the plan establishes the policy guidance to serve Lemont through 2030.

Native Planting Guidelines

Adopted in 2016, Lemont's Native Planting Guidelines provides a resource for developers and residents who wish to incorporate native plantings into their property. Native plants recall Illinois' prairie heritage, are adapted to the local climate, and provide benefits to the community such as wildlife habitat, flood prevention, and pollutant removal.

Active Transportation Plan

Lemont's Active Transportation Plan is composed of recommendations for improvements to the physical infrastructure, policies, and programs that make it safer and more convenient for people to walk, bike, and use transit in Lemont. This plan, adopted in 2012, positions Lemont for a brighter, healthier, and more active future as a regional destination for active transportation.

Watershed Plans