Housing Characteristics

Housing Overview

Over the last 30 years Lemont has seen tremendous growth in the number of residents, the number of acres developed, and the number of dwelling units. Our community’s identity is forged by the type, quality, and maintenance of its housing stock. For decades our town has been one of predominately single-family detached homes. 

Household Size & Type

Lemont is a family-friendly community, with award-winning schools. The average household size in Lemont is 2.76 persons, according to the 2010 Census, higher than the state average. As reported in the 2010 Census, 75.7% of households are filled by families. Of the families in Lemont, 35.5% included children under 18 years of age.

Housing Tenure (Home Ownership)

Roughly 83% of people in Lemont own the homes in which they live. Just over 16% rent their homes. The most recent statewide home-ownership rate for Illinois is 67.5%, as reported in the 2010 Census.