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New Update on Construction
 IDOT Road Construction Information


  • IL 83 and Main Street Land Configuration and Signalization Improvements - Illinois Department of Transportation Project expected to be completed Late 2019 / Early 2020.  Lanes will be reduced/shifted, expect major delays, use alternate routes.
Contact IDOT District 1 (847) 705-4000 Option 7 then Option 2 9/23/19 Update from IDOT:
The contract 60Y25 is currently in a modified staged construction.
The current work is underground electrical. They are installing the foundations for the new lighting and are running into rock at each of the foundation locations.

The proposed schedule of work is the following:

1. Install lighting foundations (rock excavation is the issue at each foundation they have to dig about 9 feet deep, (33 out of 43 have been completed)): Approximately 1 week of work remaining weather pending
2. Install buried conduit from foundation to foundation for lighting ( rock may also be an issue) ( 2 weeks)
3. Install Guardrail post and guardrail ( rock may be an issue) ( 1 to 2 weeks overlap with conduit work)
4. Install Traffic signal foundations at each of the dugout four corners, ( rock will definitely be an issue the foundations are between 36" to 40" in diameter and up to 17 feet deep, specialized equipment is being obtained to try and drill these large foundations)( time frame pending Equipment)
5. Once above work is complete traffic will be staged to the outside lane, still one in each direction, so they can work on removing and installing new PCC center medians. ( 2 weeks)
6. Once medians are installed then full area can be paved with HMA surface. ( 3days)
7. Pavement markings/ RPM's (4days)

IDOT is pushing for these lanes to be opened by mid to late November, but it will all depend on the rock excavations for the underground work.
There will be other work that will be happening at the same time as this work , sidewalk, slope, bike path, and some landscaping.

The contract due to planting time restrictions will continue into next year's planting season but closures will only be intermittent.

  • McCarthy Road Resurfacing - bid letting scheduled for April 24, 2020 to start June 2020.


Local Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing of the following roads are scheduled to take place in September:
  • Eureka Avenue - Peiffer Avenue to Kettering Lane
  • Eureka Avenue - Kettering Lane to State Street
  • Oak Lane - East of Eureka Avenue
  • Oak Court - East of Oak Lane
  • Florence Street - Roberta Street to Weimer Avenue
  • Norton Avenue - Warner Avenue to State Street
  • Lockport Street - Cass Street to Illinois Street
  • Peiffer Avenue - Timberline Drive to Aspen Court
Emily Lane Water Main Extension to start 9/9/19
  • Boring under 135th Street will take place, road will remain open.
Fifth Street Water Main Extension to Start possibly the week of 9/9/19

2019 Sewer Cleaning, Televising, and Manhole Inspections to start 9/9/19 
  • Fourth Street - South of Country Lane to Fourth Street
  • Fourth Street - 600 Block to McCarthy Road
  • Fourth Street - McCarthy Road to 400 Block
  • Area between First Street and Fourth Street, North of Country Lane
  • Sixth Street - 4th Street to McCarthy Road
  • Second Street - McCarthy Road to Fourth Street
  • McCarthy Road - Second Street to Sixth Street
  • Fifth Street - McCarthy Road to Senon Drive
2019 Water Main Replacement Project; Construction expected to be complete by 9/6/19, parkway restoration will follow.
  • Eureka Avenue - Oak Lane to Kettering Lane
  • Florence Street - Roberta Street to Weimer Avenue
  • Mayfair Court Easement
  • Pruxne Street - Porter Street to Main Street

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