Information for Business Owners


An inexpensive but extremely effective high security solution to prevent thefts of cash boxes from business is the installation of a Depository safe in your business.  Depository safes are safes that allow a person to deposit money into the safe without actually opening it or having access to the inside of the safe.  Think of a mailbox.

The safes can be bolted to floors. These are great for high-volume businesses that take in a lot of cash and rely on speed, safety and easy access to change such as convenience stores and fast food restaurants.  In addition to protecting against burglars, they offer high security against employee theft.  These safes often have several compartments that have their own separate locks.

Depository safes can have either mechanical or electronic locks, or they can combine the two locks on one safe.  Electronic locks open the safe with a code that is easily changed. This is very valuable in businesses with a high employee turnover.

In conclusion, depository safes can add much-needed security to one’s business.  Since robberies can cost much more than the cost of a good safe, it is in the best interest of any business, whether it is a large business or a small one, to buy one.  A good safe not only increases the security within a business, but it can also last for decades. For this reason, a safe is a valuable investment for the business.

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